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What an awesome story and product!

We aren't a Vegan family, but we love Native Foods. My daughters love your macaroni and cheese.

They also love their Auntie Kaharra (Buttafly Jonez). We're all so proud of you. =)

Native Foods

We love Kaharra too!

Dionne Michelle

I am Kaharra's Muse (self issued title) and the non vegan Dionne mentioned in this blog. I have to say that I am not only a www.Butterflyjonez.com sales associate, im also a client! lol. Great Blog Ms. Kaharra! I appreciate ur dedication to everything that u do including ur commitment to being vegan and ur O.C.D like focus on always creating the perfect product for ur clients.

I hope Ms. Holladay loves her scent as much as my customers do. I looooooove it. I also looooooooooooved that "chicken" burger i took home from the Native Cafe that day Kaharra and I dined there.

Good times, good times!

Dionne Michelle
Sales Associate

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