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It's a pretty good movie, I enjoyed it. It flirts with animal rights ideas but keeps it light so as to not cause too much uncomfortableness for the mainstream viewing audience. It's a good conversation starter though to talk about animal rights with people without the defensiveness.

We're talking about it in the context of nonhuman upliftment over at Plant-Based People http://www.plantbasedpeople.com/showthread.php?t=17644

Should humans be obligated to share our technology to help "uplift" other species like enhancing their intelligence? It gets pretty scifi and heady...fun!

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The mom of the family got into one wheelchair. Her adult-sized teen son pulled off his shoe as he got into the second wheelchair. He stuck his sock-only foot out and pretended his foot was hurt. Their entire large group (with the help of porters) went to the front of the security line and whisked right by.

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One other note—a quick glance suggests that there does not appear to be a strong correlation between having an efficient red zone game and winning. The Ravens, Bears, Saints, Jets, and Steelers all made the playoffs despite having a worse red zone conversion rate than the Redskins did last year. Perhaps piling up lots of red zone opportunities and keeping your opponents from moving deep into your territory are more important factors.

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