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You ask who could really be upset? How about the 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats who are killed each year in our shelters because of pet overpopulation? Every 11 seconds a loving, healthy, adoptable dog or cat is killed. This problem is caused by humans because for whatever ridiculous SELFISH reasons, they refuse to spay or neuter their pets. Society's unwanted dogs, cats,puppies and kittens are dumped in shelters and killed. This is all done out of our sight because people don't want to know but it doesn't change the fact that YOU the taxpayer have agreed to this arrangement and your tax dollars pay to have it done. I have seen people walk into a shelter, knowing that almost every animal will be put down, and they walk out empty handed because they didn't see something they wanted. How about the poor dog or cat who wants to live? They get no say in the way humans breed them, dump them, abuse them and kill them. As for designer dogs? What a bunch of egotistical selfish people who breed them and buy them.

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