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The pink slime is nasty, but what about textured vegetable protein? It might not be meat but it's the veggie equivalent - heavily processed and questionable for our health.

Vegan Nutritionista

My favorite part of this whole pink slime situation is that it was public outcry that brought down this particular product. I remember seeing that picture of the pink goo coming out of the machine a few years ago, and I posted about it. At the time people still believed it was a hoax.

Over the course of the past few years, more and more people saw the picture and the outrage became, until it came to a national crescendo a few weeks ago. Suddenly, people don't want their children eating this crap and every news organization picks up a story on the subject and next thing you know, the company files for bankruptcy.

We need to keep raising awareness for all the disgusting things going on the in the food industry as we speak. All of us that speak out, like you Native Foods, are making a difference, and it's important that we never forget that. Pink slime down, 10,000 more to go!


Yes! Power to the people. It really is in our hands as consumers.


TVP has got to be significantly better for you than its meat counterpart, but I agree with you Kate, the processed food situation these days is what is slowly killing this country... and it is definitely spreading rampantly around the world as well.

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